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Fans are Pretty Sure That This “House of the Dragon” Character is Due for a Bisexual Awakening

So far, House of the Dragon has not been the most welcoming house for queer characters. There was a brewing (if subtextual) sapphic romance that went nowhere, and an actual gay romance that ended in tragedy. Do we dare hope that third time’s the charm? Probably not. But for those viewers still clinging to that hope, a deleted scene has revealed another probable queer character.

***Spoilers for House of the Dragon below***

The character in question is Prince Daemon Targaryen, brother to King Viserys and uncle to Princess Rhaenyra. Daemon is married with children but also keeps a mistress—so far so straight. But in one innocuous banquet scene, he is shown whispering something into the ear of a male servant. There is something intimate about the body language here, but that could just be our imagination.

Then comes the deleted scene: the two are seen in the background whispering again—this time with the servant practically sitting on his lap. All signs seem to point to an upcoming bi reveal.

But let’s not celebrate just yet. After all, the fact that this scene was deleted doesn’t exactly bode well. And even if he is bi, that might not be the best thing for his character arc—if the rest of the series is anything to go by.

Let’s recap the queer characters thus far. House of the Dragon first played with our hearts through the achingly sapphic friendship between Princess Rhaenyra and Lady Alicent. It seemed a queer romance was inevitable, with the actors themselves confirming that they had intentionally played the characters as “a little bit in love” with each other. The two of them were subsequently betrothed to men (Rhaenyra’s father, in Alicent’s case), and that seemed to spell the end of all that potential.

But this did lead to our next queer couple. Rhaenyra’s husband-to-be, Laenor Velaryon, essentially came out to her in a private conversation following their engagement. He proposed that they let their marriage be what it truly is, a political marriage, and that they pursue their real relationships in private. Rhaenyra agreed, starting an affair with Ser Criston Cole. Laenor, meanwhile, already had a male lover, Ser Joffrey Lonmouth.

Emphasis on had. Shortly after his introduction to the series, Ser Joffrey was beaten to death when he revealed his knowledge of Criston’s and Rhaenyra’s affair. In the heartbreaking scene that followed, Laenor discovered the body and wept with the corpse in his arms.

So that now brings us to Daemon and the unnamed male servant. It’s not the queer love story we deserve, but it just might be the one we get.

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