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Harley Quinn Season 4 Renewal Means More TV Chaos and Mayhem to Enjoy

While season 3 is still pushing along, Harley Quinn has been renewed for season 4.

Your favorite HBO animated show will see the light of day again with this latest announcement of its renewal. The DC Comics villain/anti-hero became a household fav when actress Margot Robbie portrayed her in Suicide Squad – the one good thing that came out of that movie. 

That became the catalyst for way too many Harley Quinn Halloween outfits, but definitely not enough Harley Quinn stand-alone content. Thankfully, we received Birds of Prey, with Robbie returning as Harley, and the animated show Harley Quinn

Voiced by actress Kaley Cuoco, Harley Quinn became an instant hit with viewers and critics alike; however, after the show’s second season and the dissolution of DC’s streaming platform, Harley Quinn’s future became murky. But after a comic book continuation and a switch to HBO Max, a third season was born and it’s queerer than ever.

Debuting as the hottest couple in Gotham, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), aka Harlivy, have been wreaking havoc all over the city in this latest season. Additional voice talents come from Jason Alexander, Sanaa Lathan, Rob Funches, and Alan Tudyk, that bring to life this crass, comical, and queer show. And we love them for it. 

But now with the recent merger of Discovery and Warner Media to become Warner Bros. Discovery, Harley Quinn, as well numerous other shows, were on the same chopping block as DC’s Batgirl film. Thankfully, Harley Quinn will return once again to TV screens everywhere.

So here’s to Harley Quinn seeing another day full of mayhem and destruction. 

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