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Here’s why Reese Witherspoon won’t call her ‘Big Little Lies’ co-star this name

Reese Witherspoon‘s reason for not calling her Big Little Lies co-star by this name might shock you.

Oscar winners and Big Little Lies co-stars Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman came connect for Variety to commemorate the 5th year anniversary of Big Little Lies. The duo dished about their latest project, The Morning Show and Expats, and hanging out IRL in Nashville, Tennessee. But Witherspoon also had a secret that even surprised Kidman.

The besties were sharing tons of love for each in the interview and then dived into Big Little Lies filming. The Max TV series, which also stars Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, and Shailene Woodley, follows the lives of five women (Witherspoon, Kidman, Dern, Kravitz, and Woodley) who are caught in the middle of a murder investigation in Monterey, California. Witherspoon and Kidman confirmed the upcoming season three of the TV series and chatted about the hilariousness that comes with filming the show friends.

Then they talked about why Witherspoon calls Dern by her last name. Witherspoon started chatting about filming scenes with Dern, which prompted Kidman to say “I hate how you call her ‘Dern.’ It sounds weird.”

But there’s a valid reason for Witherspoons’ use of Dern’s surname.

“I’m gonna tell you why,” Witherspoon said. “Because my name is Laura, and her name is Laura, and it’s confusing to me. My real name is Laura Jeanne.”

It jogged Kidman’s memory with her exclaiming, “Oh that’s right. So you call her ‘Dern.'”

“That’s why I call her ‘Dern,'” Witherspoon explained. “Because we can’t both be Laura.”

Witherspoon, whose full name is Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon, adopted the stage name “Reese Witherspoon.” Reese is her mother’s surname and Witherspoon is her father’s. And then they combine, they name one Hollywood’s brightest stars.

Of course, the internet couldn’t believe that the Legally Blonde star could go by any other name.

No matter the name they go by, we can’t to see both Lauras and the rest of the cast when Big Little Lies returns for a season three. Check out Witherspoon and Kidman’s full conversation below.

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