Leaked Photos Show Us How Great Amy Seimetz’s “The Idol” Could Have Been

It’s early July, and “The Idol,” HBO’s bid for a viral summer show, has already aired its last episode. The production was troubled from the start, but recently revealed photos from behind the scenes give us a glimpse of just what audiences missed out on when director Amy Seimetz was replaced by Sam Levinson after focusing too much on the show’s “female perspective.”

“The Idol’s” Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) was always meant to be a clear nod to Britney Spears’ rise in the early oughts, and Seimetz’s vision reflects that:

When the powers that be removed Seimetz as director, they also removed any sense of “The Idol” being a feminist statement about the bubblegum pop machine of the early 2000s. Which is the show most of us actually wanted to see.

It could have been sweet, wholesome, and most importantly: for the girls.

Now folks are calling for the original scripts.

This could have healed us!

We didn’t need another “Euphoria.” We needed Seimetz’s vision.

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