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This Russian Reality TV Show is Literally Called “I’m Not Gay” and…It’s Pretty Gay

Russia, at this point, is building its whole national identity around homophobia (when it’s not busy attacking Ukraine, that is.) So it should come as no surprise that Vitaly Milonov, the far-right Russian politician responsible for promoting anti-gay propoganda and in general being very outspoken about how much he hates queer people. You wouldn’t think that that would be a strong enough hook for a reality show, but that’s precisely what YouTube is for.

And honestly…for a show about homophobia, this show looks hilariously gay.

I mean…this is beyond camp. Also, this concept, while ridiculous to many, isn’t confined to Russia. As critic Juan Barquin points out, there was a quite similar UK program (hosted by everyone’s problematic fave Jameela Jameel) that put its own twist on the fun “which of these dudes won’t f*ck me” concept:

If you’re ready to watch the whole thing, be my guest!

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