Stormy Daniels spills the tea on ‘For the Love of DILFs’ season two

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For the Love of DILFs stepped onto to the scene early last year and set the internet ablaze. The gay dating series follows a collection of men separated into two groups, himbos and daddies, seeking true love in a glamorous mansion. The sexy eye candy and bisexual host Stormy Daniels‘ influence turned the show into a massive success for gay streamer OUTtv.

Now, Stormy is back again to host OUTtv’s gay dating sensation for season two. Along with the show’s narrator “Dr. DILF,” Stormy is helping a new cadre of daddies and himbos find love at the DILF Mansion, while they navigate hilarious challenges, jaw-dropping drama, and plenty of hot fun. Produced by DaddyTV, For the Love of DILFs is steamier than ever and ahead of its season two release, INTO spoke with Stormy about what to expect for season two and her take on a perfect date.

For the Love of DILFs definitely left its mark on queer media and culture, as of late. On that note, what do you think queer culture needs more of?

I think queer culture needs more holidays. We have Pride and Halloween…but what if we took over Thanksgiving? Replace the pies with poppers. I want a Thanksgiving that’s so kinky it would shock a pilgrim to death.

Since you host a dating show, what’s your idea of a perfect date?

Well, I’m a Pisces. So, I look for dates where we get to connect mind, body, and spirit. A boring dinner/movie combo isn’t gonna cut. One thing, I love listening to my husband play guitar on a warm night. Or, I’m an equestrian, so riding or visiting the stable together can be really romantic and sexy…Really any activity where you can wear chaps sounds good.

And now, what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

You and I both know the answer to THAT one. (Laughs) Next!

People are obviously obsessed with For the Love of DILFs. What is a TV show, film, podcast, or song that you’re currently obsessed with?

I’m pretty obsessed with my new podcast, Beyond the Norm! I’m sharing a lot of facts about me and my life that people don’t realize or never cared to ask. I’m interviewing fascinating people. It’s really a podcast about my truth. Which is interesting because as wild and campy as For the Love of DILFs is, I also think it’s a show about the truth. “The tea,” you know? That’s what people are really obsessed with. We’re obsessed with knowing.

What can fans of For the Love of DILFs expect this season?

I really jump into this season head first. My husband is a camera opp on the show and we both live in the mansion with all of the guys. I got in my feelings a few times – good and bad – because I was genuinely rooting for these daddies and himbos. You’ll see me cry (don’t tell anyone, I hate it). You’ll see me yell (tell everyone, I love it). You’ll even see me give really good advice – like replacing all your holiday pies with poppers.

For the Love of Dilfs premieres on January 23 on OUTtv.

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