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This actress just discovered she’s beloved by Gay Twitter

The Gilded Age actress Ashlie Atkinson has just discovered that her character, Marnie Fish, has quite a gay following.

A viral tweet from an X user included screenshots from a Grindr conversation. After the initial exchange of ‘hey’, one person says to the recipient, “I’m getting a group of guys together for some fish play, interested?”

When the recipient said he doesn’t know what that means, he got the following response.

“It’s just a bunch of chill guys getting together on Sunday nights and gooning out to the Gilded Age whenever Ashlie Atkinson is on screen.

“She plays Mrs Fish.”

The now-interested recipient texts back, “What’s your address?”

That tweet has had over 17k likes and thousands of comments. It wasn’t long before it reached the attention of Atkinson herself, who said she was “flattered, as long as they’re gay.”

Atkinson then went on to retweet with her own message. She said, “This is my debut on Gay Twitter despite having worn a strap-on for an entire teen comedy. Hello, Gay Twitter!”

Who is Ashlie Atkinson?

Atkinson, 46, grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has around 90 TV and movie credits to her name. We think the teen comedy she’s referencing is her role as Muffler in Another Gay Movie (2006) and Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! (2008). You may also recognize her from recent appearances in BlacKkKlansman, And Just Like That…, American Crime Story, Mr. Robot, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Her role as American socialite and self-dubbed “fun-maker” Marnie Fish in the historical drama The Gilded Age is bringing her a new army of fans, even though she’s not one of the main characters.

Here’s hoping the camp Mrs Fish gets even more airtime in future episodes and seasons!

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