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This queer UK series is about to be your new obsession

Have you noticed that TV kind of…sucks lately? It’s not just the strike, and it’s not new information: everyone can acknowledge that we are long past the era of Peak TV. So what’s left?

Well, here in the states, not so much. Capote and the Swans is for sure a banger, thanks to Ryan Murphy staying all the way out of it, and Love is Blind remains addictive for all the wrong reasons. Pretty much everything else is a miss. But across the pond? Oh, mama!

This shouldn’t be a surprise: the UK has always had it way over the US in terms of TV. What can we say: those Brits know how to make a fantastic 3-6 episode season. Case in point? Tubi gifting us the ability to stream queer British comedy thriller Dead Hot this month.

The Charlotte Coben-created series follows Elliot and Jess, two besties searching for Jess’s twin brother Peter, who recently disappeared without a trace. It doesn’t help that Peter was Elliot’s one true love, and that the only clue the friends have to find Peter is a severed finger.

I mean…what more do you need to be obsessed?

As playwright Jeremy O. Harris—whose groundbreaking Slave Play just premiered in London—stated on X, the UK is actually putting its money where its mouth is in terms of platforming queer Black and Brown talent, and Tubi is thankfully letting the US audience in on that excellence. Not only does Dead Hot star rising queer Palestinian actor and playwright Bilal Hasna, it also features British actress Vivian Oparah, whose recent unmissable turn in the 2023 romcom Rye Lane ensures that she’ll stay booked and busy for the foreseeable future.

Not only that, but Tubi is giving us the gift of Slay this weekend, a horror comedy with Drag Race alum Heidi N Closet in the mix.

That’s not all: they’ve got the UK high school comedy Boarders streaming now, and are set to stream the Nicola Coughlin comedy Big Mood in April.

While the US continues to try (and fail) to get its sh*t together in terms of Black and Brown queer representation, we’ll be seated for these series.

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