‘Ts Madison Ate That’ and Left No Crumbs in Trailer for New Show

· Updated on October 4, 2023

Ts Madison continues to take over the world. This time she’s doing it with viral snacks

When you say “she ate that” make sure you direct it towards actress, LGBTQ+ activist, and social media sensation Ts Madison. In everything she does, she leaves no crumbs and now she’s ready to prove it again in her new show, Ts Madison Ate That

Launching on World of Wonder, Ts Madison will eat a variety of viral snacks and cuisines on camera from a mystery box. From tangy ketchup Doritos, Trader Joe’s ube tea cookies, to pickle balls, Ts Madison is going to try everything and dish all about it. Foods that light up her tongue get a “She ate,” those that leave a bad taste in her mouth get a “She hate,” and fans get to enjoy all of the tasty shenanigans that follow. 

There can never be enough Ts Madison on the internet or in the media. Thankfully, we’ll never have a shortage of her. 

She stole the silver screen in Bros last year and was featured on Beyoncé’s historic album Renaissance, blessing the track “Cozy” with her famous YouTube speech “B**** I’m Black.” This year she starred in Netflix’s The Perfect Find alongside Gabrielle Union and snagged a permanent seat at the judge’s table on RuPaul’s Drag Race

Not to mention, she already has a few shows, such as The Ts Madison Experience and Turnt Out with Ts Madison, under her belt. There’s no reason why she can’t add more to her plate and fans are thankful for it.

Fans are sure to be in for a treat when Ts Madison Ate That premieres on September 11 on World of Wonder.

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