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Two men kissing in Times Square causes some TV viewers to have an NYE meltdown

The New Year was marked by several TV stations with their traditional broadcasts from the ball drop in New York City’s Times Square.

One of the most-watched shows is CNN, which this year was again hosted by Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. The broadcast prompted plenty of comments on social media. One particular point of contention had nothing to do with its hosts.

Just as the ball dropped to signal the arrival of 2024, shots were shown of the crowd cheering and exchanging kisses. The first to be shown smooching were a same-sex male couple.

Needless to say, some viewers were outraged.

Thankfully, many more loved the moment.

Others wondered about the relationship between the individuals in question.

Anderson Cooper’s giggles

The CNN broadcast was widely praised online. Another clip that went viral featured Cohen and Cooper chatting with musician John Mayer, live in a “cat café” in Tokyo. Cooper couldn’t resist finding the scenario amusing and his giggles proved infectious online.

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