Wedding of the Season

Watch this queer couple tie the knot in a “Bridgerton” wedding

With the third season of Bridgerton poised to “foreground queer love,” Netflix has already hit the ground running by sponsoring a real-life, Bridgerton-themed queer wedding. The lucky couple, two self-described “superfans” are Tiffany (she/her) and Shanti (they/them), were flown out to England, and their journey is documented in the four-part miniseries, The Event of a Season: A Bridgerton Wedding.

The trailer shows the couple arriving in London for the first time, touring the sites in a chauffeured car, drinking high tea in elaborately decorated parlors, and shedding no shortage of tears.

Tiffany and Shanti met in high school, experiencing a friends-to-lovers arc just like the show, and ultimately went to prom together. Now in their late twenties, the couple lives in Brooklyn, where Tiffany is a professional dancer and Shanti is a sports coach.

“I wasn’t really looking for someone, and Tiff wasn’t really looking for someone. We were really just in our own bubble in life, going through life and finding ourselves,” Shanti explained to Tudum. “We were having those tough conversations as friends. We got a stronger connection through that. So that made us be like, ‘Wait a minute, actually, I could see this person as my person.’”

The couple have been working with wedding planner Alice Wilkes—an expert on Regency-era weddings. Netflix has also teased that Bridgerton cast members will participate in the upcoming nuptials, but they’re keeping the exact details under wraps.

“It feels great for everyone to know and to see us as a true love match,” Tiffany said. 

“[After] everything that we’ve been through as a couple, we’re still here, going strong, and rooting for each other. We’re supporting each other, and we’re not taking anything for granted,” added Shanti.

The first episode of The Event of a Season: A Bridgerton Wedding is available now on YouTube. The remaining three episodes will be available every Tuesday until June 11.

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