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‘Wednesday’ shakes up its cast in new season 2 trailer

Netflix has released the long awaited teaser for the sophomore season of Wednesday. While the trailer is mostly a confirmation that production has begun, it reveals a big cast shakeup, with series mainstays leaving, but some iconic stars joining.

The trailer shows Thing towing a red wheelbarrow full of season 2 scripts down a long hallway of black-and-white tiles. On either side are doors, each bearing the names of actors and their corresponding characters.

One-by-one, Thing tosses scripts onto each doorstep, arriving at the end of the hall where Jenna Ortega reprises her role as Wednesday. From over her shoulder, we see the script title page, displaying the season premiere title (“Here We Woe Again”), writers (showrunners Miles Millar and Al Gough) and director (Tim Burton). “More torture awaits,” Wednesday says.

The short trailer is goldmine for casting announcements. Most of the cast will be reprising their roles: Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), Hunter Doohan (Tyler), Moosa Mostafa (Eugene), Georgie Farmer (Ajax), Victor Dorobantu (Thing) and Fred Armisen (Uncle Fester).

Several returning cast members have been upgraded to series regulars, including Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams), Luis Guzmán (Gomez Addams), Isaac Ordonez (Pugsley Addams) and Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo (Deputy Ritchie Santiago).

And there’s a slate of new series regulars, like Steve Buscemi (Barry Dort), Billie Piper (Capri), Evie Templeton, Owen Painter, and Noah Taylor (all in unspecified roles).

Upcoming guest stars include Joanna Lumley (Grandmama), Thandiwe Newton (Dr. Fairburn), Christopher Lloyd (that is, the original Uncle Fester), Frances O’Connor, Haley Joel Osment, Heather Matarazzo, and Joonas Suotamo (also in unspecified roles).

Notably absent are the names of three season one cast members: Percy Hynes White, Jamie McShane and Naomi J Ogawa. White played one side of Wednesday’s love triangle, Xavier Thorpe, and his departure comes in the wake of sexual assault allegations made last year. Ogawa played vampire Yoko Tanaka in a minor role. 

Spoilers for Wednesday season one

Much speculation has centered around McShane, who played Sheriff Donovan Galpin, father to Tyler. After discovering Tyler’s identity as a Hyde, the season ended with Donovan arresting his son. McShane will be returning in the next season in a guest starring role, leading fans to suspect he will be killed off as part of Tyler’s storyline.
Wednesday season two is currently filming in Ireland and slated for a 2025 premiere.

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