A Queer Illustrator Called Jordan Peele the ‘Best Horror Director of All Time’. Peele Said ‘Hold Up’

Jordan Peele continues to slay the film industry and his latest effort, Nope, is sure to dazzle and terrify fans and critics alike. Prior to its release this Friday, critics have reviewed the film and given it glowing reviews – like we had any doubts. So, when queer comic creator and illustrator Adam Ellis discussed Peele’s impact in film, we all agreed…except for Peele.

In a now viral (and completely non-shady) Twitter exchange, Ellis wanted to give Peele his flowers with the following tweet.

However, Peele wanted to ensure that veteran filmmaker John Carpenter was given his just dues.

Now Carpenter has plenty of cult classics. From The Thing, They Live, oh, and a little movie called Halloween, all exist on the film titan’s resume. And although his films have left such a huge mark within science fiction and horror, one can say Peele has done the same with fewer films under his belt.

So, Ellis did.

Ellis is known for creating illustrations and cheeky comics that highlight queerness, pop culture, and horror. And we can’t blame him for giving Peele his props, nor can we blame Peele for wanting to do the same for Carpenter. And we certainly can’t blame Ellis for starting a debate on the impact behind both filmmakers’ filmographies, but we will watch it unfold.

And then some had other concerns.

Thankfully, Ellis is a good sport about all of the discourse.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that both Carpenter and Peele have changed sci-fi and horror for the better. 

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