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Alexandra Billings posts blistering “goodbye” message to Caitlyn Jenner

Actress and trans advocate Alexandra Billings has had enough of Caitlyn Jenner. On her social media last night, Billings, 61, posted a scathing message about Jenner, 74. She ended it by saying she would not be posting anything else about the former Olympian.

“I’m sick of paying attention to her. This will be the last post I will ever write about her.”

Alongside her message, Billings posted a screenshot of a news story in which Jenner said “Trans women are not real women”. This is not the first time Billings has slammed Jenner for her right-wing politics. However, these particular comments appear to have pushed Billings over the edge.

Billings criticized Jenner for enjoying a life of privilege and suggested that Jenner’s embrace of MAGA politics was partly due to a desire to be praised.

“Since she can remember Caitlyn Jenner has been worshipped and adored by an international audience,” Billings began.

“When she finally found the courage to live her life openly and without shame, she became an instant icon. Without having paved the way for anyone but her, we all gathered around and once again, gave her the global attention she so deeply demanded.”

“She, like many of us, climbed back into her shame”

Jenner came out as trans in an interview with Diana Sawyer in 2015. She said at the time, “For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.” Her announcement was met with much press attention. Jenner subsequently featured on the cover of Vanity Fair and revealed her new name, Caitlyn.

“As she began to slip back into obscurity and her life became about how to navigate her life like every other trans person in America, the dullness and dreariness become a reality,” says Billings.

“So she, like many of us, climbed back into her shame that she lived with for decades and now, found a group of people, mostly conservative and mostly religious to the point of fanaticism, and found a family of self-loathing rule makers. Just like her.

“Her life of living wealthy and white and male presenting came back to her as if it had never left, and now, as our country has been given the blue ribbon for prejudice and transphobia by an orange-tanned maniac and his red-hatted cultists, Caitlyn has settled back into her privilege, spouting rhetoric even she doesn’t understand and yet finally being what she started out as: A self-seeking attention-grabbing rich white privileged TransWoman who pretends to hate the attention, her whiteness and her privilege, all while cozying up to a group of people who abhor the very thing she thinks she isn’t.”

“She exhausts me and I’m sick of paying attention to her,” said Billings.

“This will be the last post I will ever write about her. Because for me, all the TransWomen that I knew who gave their lives so that I may have the ability to sit here and write about my feelings and live my life honestly and without self-doubt and shame, demand I spend my time being of service to the revolution at hand, and not wasting it on a human whose reflection is aging like the picture of Dorian Grey.

“Goodbye Caitlyn.

“You are trauma to me. You are all of the bad people that did all of the bad things to me and pretended they were my friend. You are a see-through hero wearing a villain’s cape. You are a phony. And I cannot look at you anymore.

“Goodbye Caitlyn.

“And strangely, I still hope you find your way.”

Long Island trans ban

Jenner has been voicing the opinion that transwomen are not real women for some time. However, beyond mere words, she’s also thrown herself into action. On Monday, she took part in a press conference in Long Island, New York.

Jenner stood alongside Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman in Mineola and voiced her support for a local ban on women’s sports teams with transwomen members using county facilities. The ban applies to over 100 athletic facilities in Long Island.

“All I’m trying to do is protect women,” Jenner said Monday.

Last year, Jenner announced the launch of a new political action committee, Fairness First. She said its aims were “to fight the radical gender ideology, put parental rights at the forefront of education, and keep boys out of women’s sports.”

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