How Dare This Lesbian Doritos Commercial Make Us Cry!

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Doritos Mexico has released an ad featuring a tearjerker lesbian love story. Titled “Bold Love,” the ad is the fifth installment of the Pride All Year campaign, and it includes valuable information and resources for LGBTQ+ advocacy in Mexico.

The Spanish-language video shows a lesbian couple on a late night drive through the country, beginning with a shot of the two holding hands. Eventually, the passenger starts in on a bag of Doritos, unable to take her eyes off her partner.

“I love you so much,” she says. When the driver teasingly questions how much she loves her, the passenger declares, “I would lower the moon and stars for you.”

It’s a sweet response, but the driver insists on a real answer to the question. So her partner makes the decision to get serious. “I would go out in front of everyone, regardless of the looks or what might happen, and I would introduce you as my girlfriend to my whole family, even if my grandmother and my father stop talking to me,” she says.

“I’d ask you to go to work with me every day, with a big bouquet of flowers, even if it meant they’d fire me.

“I would marry you, even with half the guests.”

By this time, we’ve pretty much forgotten we’re watching an ad for corn chips. As the car drives on, a series of sobering statistics display on the screen.

“33% of the LGBTQ+ community has experienced discrimination at work.”

“There are still judges who refuse to marry people from the community.”

“3 out of 10 people have been evicted from their homes.”

“76% of the community avoids showing affection in public.”

The ad concludes with a link to LGBTQ+ advocacy organization Cuenta Con Migo.

The campaign kicked off in 2020 with “The Best Gift,” a Christmas-themed story about a dad learning to accept his gay son. Subsequent ads have similarly been timed for other holiday releases, including Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Day of the Dead.

Although the ad is an example of rainbow capitalism, representation in common commercials can make an impact in Mexico. While same-sex marriage has been legal as of 2022, there are many states that still do not recognize the right of same-sex married couples to adopt children.

At the debut of the campaign, Doritos Mexico marketing director Eduardo Córdoba said, “We’re really proud of the accomplishments that have been achieved with Doritos Rainbow. We believe the moment is right to show that our commitment extends beyond a proud celebration every June.”

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