New Zealand may soon ban trans people from all public sports

News out of New Zealand proves that anti-trans panic is quickly making its way across the globe. A new government policy threatens to defund all publicly funded sports if transgender athletes participate.

The policy change is the brainchild of nationalist group New Zealand First, a spokesperson of which explained that the change is about “fairness and safety in sport for women”. But it’s not difficult to see the true meaning of the proposed ban. While certain International sports authorities have already banned trans participation, the New Zealand ban would apply to local and amateur sports as well, effectively banning trans participants from all forms of public sports.

Kiwis are expressing their rage at the transphobic proposal.

As one poster explains, the proposal would directly contradict the stated intention of “protecting women’s sports” by forcing trans men to play on women’s teams.

Transphobia is and always has been a global issue, and we’re seeing that proven beyond a shadow of a doubt this year.

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