Tennessee Republicans are Already Filing to Make Public Drag Shows Illegal

We’re still dealing with the unexpectedly not-horrible fallout from yesterday’s midterm election, and the Republicans, ostensibly soured by their many losses, are already torpedoing full speed ahead with a new anti-gay measure.

In Tennessee, Republicans emboldened by last night’s wins are filing to make public drag shows illegal:

By categorizing drag performances as illegal under “obscenity” charges, folks caught putting on a show could end up with a felony indictment on their hands. And as usual, anti-trans sentiment is the driving force behind it:

As Erin Reed and Alejandra Caraballo have pointed out, the language of the bill is (intentionally) vague enough to indict the public existence of trans performers generally:

After a year of Proud Boys crashing library story hours and harassing children’s hospitals, this move isn’t exactly surprising, but it is horrifying.

But we know the truth: Republicans are desperate to keep ahold of power by any means necessary.

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