Alabama Father Protests Roy Moore Rally After Gay Daughter’s Suicide

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Today, Alabamans and the rest of America are on the edge of their seats to find out the results of the US Senate special election. Whoever’s elected will fill the seat left vacant when Trump appointed Jeff Sessions as attorney general. If Democratic candidate, Doug Jones wins, it would mean shifting the Senate advantage away from Republicans.

If Republican candidate, Roy Moore wins, it means bringing all of his toxic past to the seat as well. As of late, Moore has been the subject of multiple sexual misconduct claims by women who were underage at the time. Not only that, but he represents a past of homophobia and other forms of bigotry.

This week, an Alabama man by the name of Nathan Mathis is going viral for his emotional protest outside a Roy Moore rally. A local peanut farmer in Wicksburg, Mathis lost his gay daughter to suicide at 23 years old. Holding up her photo outside the rally, he held politicians like Moore accountable for their treatment of LGBTQ people as well.

“Judge Roy Moore called her a pervert on one reason, because she was gay,” Mathis said in a video. “If he called her a pervert, he called your child a pervert if she was gay or your son was gay. This is something people need to stop and think about. You’re supposed to uphold the constitution. The constitution said all men are created equal.”

A man of faith, he also owned up to his own homophobic behavior in the past.

“I was anti-gay myself,” he said. “I said bad things to my daughter myself, which I regret. But I can’t take back what happened to my daughter.”

Although he might not be the typical ally, Mathis’s testimonial is emotional and sincere. As Alabama faces the decision whether or not to elect Roy Moore, Mathis represents an evolved portrait of America.

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