Alt-Right Troll Milo Yiannopoulos Dropped From Political Convention After Lesbian Comic Protests

A major political convention parted ways with gay conservative troll Milo Yiannopoulos following online backlash.

The former Breitbart editor was scheduled to speak at Politicon, an annual conference held this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center from Oct. 21 to 22. Yiannopoulos — who was billed on its lineup under the mononym “Milo” — planned to address “the institutional Left’s systematic protection of sex offenders who share its politics.”

In reference to his former publication parting ways with him over old comments defending pedophilia, Yiannopoulos also planned to discuss “his experiences being wrongly smeared as an advocate for a crime of which he is in fact a victim.”

The alt-right figure’s appearance was pulled, however, after lesbian stand-up comic Cameron Esposito tweeted on Wednesday evening that she was pulling out in protest. Esposito, who recently announced her split from wife Rhea Butcher, claimed Politicon speakers were not informed who else would be appearing.

“I did not know the line-up when I confirmed, but knowing what I know now, I won’t be appearing at Politicon,” she said. “Someone invite me to do something else that weekend.”

Symone Sanders, former press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign, also tweeted out her disapproval. Sanders, who was in attendance at last year’s event, claimed Politicon organizers asked her to go on its road tour, which is scheduled to stop in Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix in November. When she learned the tour would also include Milo, she claimed she “lost it.”

“My team promptly responded and told them under no circumstances would I voluntarily be on a tour with a white supremacist,” Sanders said on Wednesday.

Following her tweets, Yiannopoulos emailed Sanders to object to her characterization of his politics. However, in the email subject line, he also referred to the CNN political commentator as a “dumb fucking c**t.” She shared a screenshot of the message online.

“I’m married to a black man,” Yiannopoulos protested.

Politicon confirmed on Thursday to The Daily Beast that Yiannopoulos is no longer invited to the event.

“We’ve had a couple of changes and with two months to go to the convention, more names will be added and dropped,” a spokesperson for the conference claimed in an email. “Anthony Scaramucci is also not attending due to a scheduling conflict.”

Although Yiannopoulos claimed he was “still booked” when the Beast initially reached out, he said the story was “news” to his team after being corrected.

“They just got around to telling my booking agent,” he added. “Oh well!”

Politicon, though, is just the latest event to drop Yiannopoulos, who recently made headlines when he advocated that his followers murder journalists two days before the Capital Gazette shooting in Washington, D.C. Two of the newspaper’s employees were injured, and five were killed.

Yiannopoulos was invited and then swiftly disinvited from last year’s Conservative Political Action Conference after his pedophilia remarks resurfaced.

In a 2016 interview on The Drunken Peasants podcast, Yiannopoulos claimed young boys “discover who they are” through sexual relationships with older men. He added that these men “give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable rock where they can’t speak to their parents.”

After he was fired from Breitbart last year over the comments, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and University of California, Berkeley canceled planned appearances from Yiannopoulos.

According to his website, the once-prominent conservative is working on another book after Dangerous failed to meet projected sales figures. In July 2017, British newspaper The Independent reported that the memoir — which was dropped by Simon and Schuster — had sold an anemic 152 copies in Yiannopoulos’ homeland.

He reportedly plans to release a documentary at some point in the future.

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