Azealia Banks Says Her Fanbase is ‘45% Twinks”’

· Updated on May 27, 2018

According to Azealia Banks, she has a very diverse fanbase, but it still consists mostly of one type of persontwinks. (Remember, that doesn’t include Gus Kenworthy.)

On Monday, Banks posted an Instagram Kermit meme saying that she had gotten a call from Anna Wintour herself saying that she liked her new single “Anna Wintour” which is, unequivocally, a banger.

When Anna Wintour calls to say she loves “Anna Wintour”

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The meme she posted is a popular internet one of a Kermit puppet spread open looking like it’s about towell, you get the idea.

The post led one commenter to write, “OMG queen of being self aware of her sloppy bottom fan base.”

In response, Banks wrote that her fan base is not comprised of “sloppy bottoms” and instead gave a thorough breakdown of her fanbase.

Banks wrote that her fan base is 45 percent twinks, 25 percent butch queens, 25 percent power bottoms and 5 percent tops.

Hey, after a weekend of terrible “bottoms” jokes from comedians, it’s a welcome departure to see a celebrity who is celebrating her gay fansno matter their position.

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