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Bitch Media, Trailblazing Feminist Publication, Shutters After 26 Years

· Updated on March 23, 2023

Since 1996, Bitch Media has found a way to educate and inform a feminist audience by providing thought-provoking criticism on media and pop culture. For over 25 years, the company continued to instigate conversations on sociopolitical theory through their magazine, website, podcasts, writing fellowships, campus programming, and more. As the longest-running feminist publication, they truly have trail-blazed and managed to be a site to say the things that no one wanted to say, and the things that many hadn’t heard said out loud before.

Yesterday, Bitch Media announced that they will be ceasing all operations in June of 2022.

“Recent years have brought a multitude of challenges to our organization, and despite incredible effort, we have concluded that we are unable to sustainably continue creating the quality content that our readers and supporters expect,” the company said in their official statement.

It’s a tragedy, to say the least. Fans are mourning the provocative publication.

The magazine served as a form of education, as a “political awakening” for most. Many of whom grew up in sheltered and conservative environments where their sociopolitical awareness was slim to none.

The publication provided opportunities for intelligent topics to be divulged on by writers. The writers were given creative freedom to tell their stories, thoughts, and dreams. 

Bitch Media was responsible for shaping the minds and intellect of all their readers and listeners. Their content became a tool to bring enlightening perspectives and stories to the table. It was for women, the LGBTQ+ folks, people of color and, yes, even the occasional straight white man. Their absence in alternative literature and media will be felt come June.

“We feel incredibly lucky to have turned what was once a stapled-together zine into a media organization that published a talented and diverse slate of new voices and inspired an incredible amount of loyalty from people who became not just readers but stakeholders in our work,” the publication said. “And we are proud to leave a quarter-century legacy as a fresh, revitalizing voice in both contemporary feminism and independent publishing. We will miss all those who accompanied us on this journey. Thank you for everything.”

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