Alabama Just Made It Illegal for Trans Kids to Use the School Bathroom

Continuing in the horrible tradition of passing laws to make trans kids lives supremely awful, Alabama just signed a bill into law that prohibits trans students from using the correct restroom, along with prohibiting discussion of gender or sexual identity in the classroom.

It’s one of the most harmful anti-trans bills we’ve yet seen, and that’s saying a lot considering Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and Texas’s decision to prosecute gender-affirming households as sites of child abuse.

Both bills just passed:

And as Alejandra Caraballo just pointed out, these bills will effect trans kids throughout the South, not just in Alabama.

The recently-passed Alabama bill prohibiting use of the correct bathroom is the first “bathroom bill” to pass in 8 years.

Thankfully, human rights groups are already challenging the decision, but as usual, it will be a hard fight:

Alabama has also decided–following in Texas’s horrible footsteps–to criminalize providers of gender-affirming care. Such providers could face up to 10 years in prison.

Outrage isn’t enough. We need our allies to step up and help us fight this.


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