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Cis Allies Shun JK Rowling’s Transphobia with #JKDoesntSpeakForMe

JK Rowling has been on her bullshit for quite some time now, and understandably, just about everyone and their mom is fed up with it. Recently, the Grand Cyclops of TERFs went on yet another Twitter tangent in reaction to Labor Party Leader Keir Starmer correctly asserting that trans women are in fact women. This statement, according to Rowling, meant that the Labor Party “can’t be counted on” to protect women’s rights. Because in Rowling’s world, women’s rights are somehow in direct opposition to trans womens’ rights. Naturally.

After this latest public bedwetting incident, even cis people decided they’d had enough. Taking to Twitter on Sunday with the hashtag #JKDoesntSpeakForMe.

Because when you’re intolerant toward one specific kind of femininity, you’re not actually a feminist, are you?

Even Emma Watson jumped on the bandwagon, using her speech at last night’s BAFTA awards to subtly dig into Rowling’s TERF philosophy:

The ratio could not be better:

Let’s try and choose our heroes more wisely: there are plenty of them out there!

A parting thought:

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