Lil Nas X Wonders if Satan Shoe Panic Wasn’t Actually About the Satan Shoes

Lil Nas X doesn’t let much slide by him. Today, in light of skateboarder Tony Hawk’s new “bloodboard,” (exactly what it sounds like,) the “Industry Baby” singer-songwriter took to Twitter to call out the hysteria surrounding his own blood-soaked merch, the infamous Satan Shoes, containing a vial of blood in the sole.

After Hawk announced his partnership with hardcore water company Liquid Death, Nas took to Twitter to ask what the moral panic surrounding his Satan Shoes was really about:

In case it wasn’t clear, Hawk’s bloodboard is quite literally a skateboard painted with splats of Hawk’s own blood. Which, like,…okay? Did the world need this? Absolutely not. But we’ve yet to experience the level of conservative outrage that greeted Lil Nas X on release of his own bloody merch.

Now some could play semantics and claim that it was the “Satanic” part, rather than the “blood” part, that got people up in arms after the release. Still, there’s something to what Lil Nas X is saying, even if he’s just trolling us once again. Why is one man’s bloody merch less controversial than another’s?

Hmmm…I wonder!

Fans of the “Montero” star quickly responded in the comments, both jokingly and seriously.

First of all, let’s reckon with the absolute hypocrisy at play here:

Some users even harkened back to a time when the blood of the famous was respected and prized!

Still others pointed out the REAL truth:

One lucky user even snagged a pair of the limited-edition 666 Satan Shoes:

But let’s face it: there’s one reason, and one reason only for this discrepancy: people are weird.

Thank you, and goodnight.

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