Kiss and Tell?

Is It Ok to Kiss Your Platonic Friends?

To kiss your friends, or to not kiss your friends. This has been the great debate of our times. I mean, not really. But it’s been the great debate of this week.

As queers, we reserve the right to have our friendships not look like yours, SUSAN! But also, boundaries are good, and you can have good boundaries and also kiss your friends.

The great debate on whether or not kissing friends is a thing that’s fine to do started on, where else, Twitter. And it has spiraled. Boy, has it spiraled!

It all began (but not really) after user @tinykinseyscale posted that kissing platonic friends is a weird thing that “gays and queers” do:

As you can imagine, the gays and the queers flew all the way off the handle at this:

There was a discussion of boundaries. What are they? Are they good? Do they involve kissing?

Finally, the truth emerged.

Shots were fired:

Love is cancelled:

Let’s just call it like we see it:

The main takeaway here is that if you like kissing your friends, go ahead and keep kissing them, as long as you have their consent. If you don’t want to kiss your friends, well, don’t. It’s that simple!

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