Mystery Man

Ok, Who is Lizzo Dating?

If Lizzo somehow isn’t your favorite person working and twerking right now, honestly I don’t know where you get off. The icon, goddess, and creator of our new favorite genre-busting reality show “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” is having a very good year, and rumors of a new partner are just the tip of the iceberg

Last night on Andy Cohen’s Sirius FM show “Radio Andy,” the “Rumors” singer dished that she is, indeed, ~seeing someone. But who? Apparently it’s the “mystery man” outlets were so eager to report on in February after Lizzo was photographed leaving the West Hollywood eatery Craigs with a certified hottie. 

Who is this dude? We don’t know, and that’s definitely a good thing. Lizzo is a goddess, and her privacy—as well as the privacy of her new bf—should be respected.

That said, they make a super hot couple and we are looking forward to seeing more candid snaps of these two on the town.

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