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This Openly-Gay Florida Student is Being Silenced and Needs Your Help

Meet Zander Moricz: at 18 years old, he’s the youngest public plaintiff in a “Don’t Say Gay” lawsuit brought against the state of Florida earlier this year. And they need your help.

Moricz attends Pine View School in Sarasota County, where he serves as the school’s first openly-gay student president. The senior, who is headed to Harvard in the fall, was told today by his principal that if he referenced his lawsuit or the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in his graduation speech, his microphone would be cut off and his speech cut short.

This isn’t the first time school officials have attempted to silence Moricz: before organizing a walkout to protest the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Moricz spread the word by hanging posters around the school. They were ripped off the walls by school employees.

Not one to be so easily dissuaded from taking action, Moricz held the walkout anyway. Now, he’s creating stickers to ship to schools across Florida in protest of the bill, reminding students everywhere that though he’s almost done with the high school, he’s “not done with the fight.”

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