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A “Queer Eye” Lego Set is Coming

It’s been a while since our screens were graced by the powerful presences of Karamo, Tan, JVN, Bobby, and Antoni. But fear not! For I bring you good tidings: just in time for the season of “who cares, if it’s gay I’ll buy it,” Lego is planning to drop an official “Queer Eye”-themed set. It even comes with Bruley the dog! (RIP Bruley.) 

This morning, Jonathan Van Ness themselves dropped this amazing stop-animation version of the “Queer Eye” theme, featuring the boys’ new Lego personae! They even managed to make Lego JVN’s hair WHIP! Henny!

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Let’s start with the obvious: the fashion choices are utterly perfect. We’ve got stylist JVN in high-heeled boots and what looks like an armored skirt, interior design hero Bobby Berk sporting his signature COIFFURE, fashion icon Tan France replete with gray pompadour and stylish suit, feelings-wrangler Karamo in his signature baseball cap, and chef Antoni, who looks like he’s hanky coding for some reason? Sidenote: Antoni’s lego is the only one featuring drawn-on pecks. You can’t see it, but I am raising my eyebrows!

“I actually Can’t Believe!!” Wrote Van Ness on their Instagram post.”Queer Eye Lego Set Coming soon!” But HOW soon? Apparently, the set—which comes with 974 pieces—hits shelves on October 1st. Just in time for…October 1st! The next question is: Did Bobby Berk approve of the Lego interiors? Yes, yes he did. Personally signed off on each detail, in fact. So you can get that worry right out of your head!

Naturally, the public at large is thrilled by this news. Eva Chen posted a simple “OMG” in the comments, while trainer to the stars Shaun T. chimed in with: “My kids are gonna LOVE this!!!”

But perhaps writer Blair Imani put it best by saying: “I guess I play with Legos now.”

Yes, Blair. I guess we all play with Legos now. 

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