Wait…OnlyFans is Banning Adult Content Now?

Today, the adult site decided it was smart to completely change their entire deal by disallowing sexually explicit content, except the kind “approved” by the site itself, starting in October. Which leaves folks using the site a month to find a new way to pay the bills. 

All this left people wondering…huh??

It’s certainly not the first time folks who make their living from sex work have been radically deplatformed on a huge scale. This basically happened with Tumblr a few years ago, with one notable distinction being that Tumblr was not designed as a place where folks could accept payment for an exchange of goods in an extremely straightforward, transactional way. And, oh yeah, it didn’t happen during a pandemic when millions of sex workers are already struggling to survive.

So yeah, it’s a huge bummer, but more than that, it’s completely irresponsible of OnlyFans to hit the sex work community—largely composed of queer and trans folk—with such a sudden barrier to accessing funds.

Clearly the Internet is already going off about this, as it should. This is huge blow to the queer community.

Let’s start by pointing out that sex workers have “real jobs,” and they work very hard at those real jobs. So let’s stop with the condescension and trash talk, ok?

Sex workers deserve respect and care, and this is obviously a slap in the face to everyone who’s counted on OnlyFans to get them through the pandemic:

We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore:


What’s this all really about? Money and archaic laws, obviously.

And it’s just so counterintuitive to begin with:

There’s also the fact that when you target sex workers as a whole, it disproportionately affects trans communities of color:

Let’s not forget, too, that this doesn’t just hurt peoples’ livelihoods. It hurts communities:

All in all, this whole mess feels VERY familiar:

Too familiar:

Here’s to your spectacular downfall, OF!

Good luck OnlyFans. Actually, no. Zero luck, OnlyFans. This is what happens when you turn your back on the community that raised you up.

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