California Man Arrested for Stabbing Dads

A California gay couple is recovering after their son allegedly stabbed them during a disagreement in their Sherman Oaks home.

Tom Boulet and Ken Coll were rushed to the hospital in the early morning hours Tuesday. Their 21-year-old son allegedly attacked them while visiting home from college.

“He got in a verbal argument with the two victims,” Los Angeles Police Cadet Mark Lopez told INTO.

Officers responded to a call at 12:55 in the morning at the 4600 Block of Burnet Ave. where they found both men suffering from stab wounds, Lopez said.

Matthew Boulet has been arrested on attempted murder charges.

CBS 2 reported that police found the young man with blood on his face. He calmly confessed.

“He was very nonchalant when he said he had stabbed his two fathers and that he suffered a wound while doing so,” Los Angeles police Lt. Mike Kozak said.

Neighbors told ABC 7 that the couple adopted Matthew when he was a young boy. Neighbors were shocked to learn of the stabbing.

“Whatever happened with Matthew going over the edge like that — that it’s all going to be rectified in some way where everyone will heal,” said Florence Riggs. “Tom and Ken have been very significant on our block, great models of parenthood.”

Police are whether exploring whether mental illness may have played a factor in the incident.

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