We're Not the Problem

Surprise surprise, another (straight, cis) youth pastor was just found guilty of grooming

Gay and trans people can scream from the top of our lungs in response to bad-faith accusations of “grooming”, but when an actual cis person (and a pastor no less) is actually proven guilty of child abuse, the silence is deafening.

This week, a Quincy, Illinois youth pastor named Isaiah Mikkelson was found guilty of two counts of sexual abuse, one against a minor of 13 years old. He recently plead guilty to two of a total of seven charges, involving child pornography and aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Which just confirms what the queer community has been saying since the dawn of time: the real groomers, and the real predators, are straight.

Now queer community members are using the latest church scandal to point out the obvious: it’s the church, not us, who are victims of messed up ideology.

Drag queens were never the problem.

And neither were trans people.

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