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TERFs Maced a Trans Teen in the Face During a Protest

At a recent “protect against trans women” in Tacoma, a 14-year-old Black trans teen was assaulted with bear mace simply for counter-protesting.

The protest took place last Wednesday, at Tollefson Plaza in Tacoma, Washington, and was led by prominent “gender critical” TERF Posie Parker, who runs the anti-trans group “Standing for Women.” During the protest—in which Parker and posse held signs claiming that trans women are rapists—Parker sprayed a can of bear mace in the face of JJ Martin, a Black transgender teen who was counter-protesting at the event. Martin took to social media to share images of the assault.

“It’s been hours,” Martin wrote, “and it still feels like my skin is about to fall off.”

Parker, who can be seen in video footage of the event screaming “don’t touch me” to the crowd of counter-protesters, later referred to Martin as a “violent male” as her justification. But that doesn’t quite hold up with the “violent male” you’re talking about is actually a 14-year-old Black trans girl minding her own goddamn business.

After Martin spoke out on social media about her assault, another Twitter TERF came to her defense, saying (rightly and obviously) that adults shouldn’t be out here maceing children and teens. This statement, apparently, was too controversial for TERF Twitter.

“Gender critical” commenters showed out in full force, explaining all the bonkers reasons why it’s totally fine to mace children. Because that’s the level of intelligence and empathy we’re dealing with here.

Martin will be pressing charges against Parker.

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