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The Florida Board of Medicine Continues Its Attempt to Forcibly Detransition Trans Teens

· Updated on March 23, 2023

On September 30th, the Florida Board of Medicine will meet to decide on a potentially fatal ruling for trans teens in the state. In keeping with Florida’s 2022 tradition of attempting to strip trans minors and adults of access to gender-affirming care, the board continues to use bad faith arguments and right-wing conspiracy theories to justify their focus on detransitioning trans minors and removing any language about or reference to queer culture and history in schools.

However, there’s good news: as Erin Reed reports, the last time the board met to discuss the ruling on August 5th, trans activists showed up in full force. The board meeting came only days after a Florida school board candidate said in a speech that doctors providing gender-affirming care should be “lynched.” After the state removed coverage for trans adults under medicare last month, Lambda Legal filed suit.

Advocates are hoping for a similarly large protest turnout on the 30th.

The board also plans to put mandatory “waiting periods” into place for trans adults seeking care, making a big protestor turnout all the more vital for the safety of trans Floridians of all ages.

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