Gender Clinic Workers Kept a Spreadsheet of Trans Patients’ Names. Here’s What Happened Next.

If you’re familiar with the name Jesse Singal, it’s probably because you’ve encountered his famous anti-trans screeds in the Atlantic or on his substack.

Today, we’re learning something even more damning about the “Blocked and Reported” host whose fearmongering around trans youth and autonomy served as an accelerant for the right’s current genocidal attack on the community at large. According to information from Singal’s own substack, workers at Washington University’s Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, a gender-affirming care center, allegedly broke HIPAA laws by making lists of the names of patients who they believed were “on the fence” about their transness.

From there, the information made its way to Singal.

This excerpt details the creation of the list by anti-trans “whistleblower” Jamie Reed, who recently claimed the clinic was a site of abuse and coercion and whose very leading testimony has since been debunked.

But there’s more.

Reed and others working at the clinic didn’t just share their own opinions on whether or not certain patients were “really” trans: apparently, the list included other private information.

When anti-trans writers like Singal claim they’re “just asking questions,” it’s worth wondering why they need to completely bypass HIPAA to do it.

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