“Hazards of Homosexuality” Pamphlet Given to Attendees of Values Voter Summit Where Trump Spoke

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Stuffed into swag bags along with stickers saying “I don’t believe the liberal media,” pamphlets about the “Hazards of Homosexuality” were given for free to attendees of the Values Voter Summit, where Trump made a pandering stump speech on Friday morning.

BuzzFeed journalist David Mack tweeted out an image of the pamphlet, which was an ad for an upcoming book which purports to answer the question, “Why should we be concerned about homosexuality?”

According to the pamphlet, the book will probe into the issue of the gay community’s high STI rates and how gay men are viral plagues that are infecting heterosexual women and lesbians.


When Trump spoke on Friday morning, he became the first sitting president to address the ultra-conservative crowd.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump promised to fight for the LGBTQ community, though most of his rhetoric was less about queer liberation and more about bombing ISIS. While Trump paid lip service to the queer community during the election season, his actions during the campaign like asking known homophobe Mike Pence to be Vice President showed that he was no ally.

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