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Disgraced Moms for Liberty pulls every last one of their election endorsements

This year’s election cycle saw a good deal of progress for folks interested in holding on to their bodily autonomy and basic human rights. But perhaps the icing on the cake was the fact that troll group Moms for Liberty—famous for their transphobic, homophobic preachings and obsession with banning LGBTQ+ books from schools—got completely wiped off the map. Voters even in red or swing states roundly rejected candidates interested in pandering to the Moms for Liberty agenda. After the disastrous election results, the group completely wiped their endorsement page.

It was a tail-between-the-legs moment if ever their was one: and hopefully, politicians seeking to align themselves with the alarming trend of anti-trans rhetoric and school policies are thinking twice after this election season.

The group nicknamed alternately “Klanned Karenhood” and “Moms for Losing” seems to not realize that there’s no way to cover their tracks. The Internet sees all, knows all, and most importantly, remembers everything.

Hopefully the election results have these moms rethinking their tactics, but we doubt it. At present, we’re just happy to see the group dragged across the four corners of the Internet.

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