Mike Pence’s Daughter Goes Rogue, Supports LGBTQ Rights In New Tweet

· Updated on May 28, 2018

Charlotte Pence is going rogue in the best way possible.

In a new tweet, the Vice President’s daughter announced her support of issues her father has vehemently opposed, mainly LGBTQ rights.

Vice President Mike Pence and his family released a children’s book earlier this week called Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President, based on their pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo. In true troll form, John Oliver commissioned a book in response, called A Day In The Life of Marlon Bundo, in which the titular rabbit is gay. Penned by Last Week Tonight writer Jill Twiss, the gay Bundo book is for charityall proceeds for the children’s book will benefit The Trevor Project and/or AIDS United.

In a truly shocking turn of events, Charlotte Pence bought the book.

“I have bought his book,” she told ITK Wednesday. “He’s giving proceeds of the book to charity, and we’re also giving proceeds of our book to charity, so I really think that we can all get behind it.” She continued, “I also want to support those charities I really mean that.”

Then, she put her final stamp of approval on the cause, tweeting, “Happy to support charity and important causes,” with a link to an article announcing her purchase.

This is the first and only deviation the 24-year old has shown from her father’s views. Charlotte, who lives in Los Angeles, says she always wanted to be a writer growing up. Being a writer, living in Los Angeles, and supporting LGBTQ rights? Maybe Pence’s politics skew more moderate than her father’s, who has supported gay conversion therapy in the past, and was largely credited with starting an HIV outbreak in Indiana due to his public health funding cuts.

Charlotte says she doesn’t “pay a ton of attention to the negativity” surrounding Washington. When asked how she deals with the criticism of her controversial, uber-conservative father, Pence said, “I think you just have to have the mindset that my parents have really taught me to have, which is while people may be critical of my dad, we live in a country where we have freedoms to speak out against our elected leaders.” She continued, “So whenever people protest, my dad always has this line, he says, ‘That’s what freedom looks like.’ And it’s really true.”

“At the end of the day, he’s still my dad, and my opinion of him is going to be good because I know him and I know his heart,” Charlotte added.

Oliver’s parody book hassomewhat unsurprisinglyoutsoldPence’s. But according to Charlotte, it’s not over. Hinting at a sequel, she said, “Marlon I think definitely has some adventures up his sleeve, for sure.”

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