Pat Robertson Really Hates Drag Queen Story Hour

· Updated on August 30, 2018

Drag queens love to read. But Pat Robertson would like to see that end.

Televangelist Pat Robertson, who dons loads of bronzer weekly to address his adoring fans, has a problem with Drag Queen Story Hour. If you’ve never heard of Drag Queen Story Hour, the phenomenon that is sweeping libraries across the nation, it’s quite simple: a local drag queen comes to a library and reads to children from books that promote diversity and inclusion. Full stop. No makeup tips, no watching John Waters’ original Hairspray (though that’d be great), just stories.

Well, Pat Robertson has had it up to *here* with promoting childhood literacy.

“It’s an outrage,” Robertson said in a recent session captured by Right Wing Watch.

“Little teeny children as young as two years-old being exposed cross-dressers, homosexuals who dress up as women and are called so-called drag queens.”

Somehow he jumps from Drag Queen Story Hour to a story about Sodom & Gomorrah, but hey who are we to judge the inner circuitry of Robertson’s mind.

“It’s an affront in the eyes of God and I think that’s what we’re trying to do is stick our fingers in God’s eyes and say, ‘Okay Lord, you thought you were making people men and women, but we’re going to fix it so that we’re going to confuse the sexes, we’re going to confuse everything that you’re doing and then, if we have offspring as a result of our sexual activity out of marriage, we’re going to kill the offspring and we’ll stick our fingers in your eye to show you who’s boss,’” he said.

Robertson is not the only person who has had an issue with Drag Queen Story Hour. Recently, over Philadelphia’s Pride Weekend, local parents lobbied Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum not to host their own installment of the early childhood program.

To all this hoopla, we have one thing to say:

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