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Are you ready for George Santos: Wedding officiant?

After his historic and humiliating expulsion from Congress, former GOP Rep. George Santos is exploring as many different ways of making money as possible.

Over the last week, he’s been raking it in by producing Cameo videos. This included producing one congratulating someone on coming out as a furry.

This career sidestep has prompted other offers. On X, a follower asked Santos if he officiated weddings.

Santos replied, “I’m sure I can take an online course to do so. It’d be my honor.”

The man who posted the query replied, “Thank you Congressman, my fiancée and I love you!”

Online, one person asked Santos a pertinent question: “Why bother working towards it? You somehow become a Congressman by lying.”

The downfall of Santos’ political career

Santos was the first out-gay Republican elected to Congress. However, he will forever be remembered for his lies, dodgy financial dealings, and for being only the sixth member of Congress in its history to be kicked out while in office.

He is still facing 23 federal charges relating to wire fraud and identity theft. However, news emerged this week that his lawyers are in talks for a plea deal.

Santos sat down with Marcia Kramer of CBS NY for his first media interview post-expulsion and said he was open to taking a plea deal, despite still protesting his innocence, if it meant him avoiding jail time. He admitted he was “very afraid” of going to prison.

On Tuesday, Santos’ lawyers confirmed they were engaged in plea deal negotiations with prosecutors.

“We are actively engaged in negotiations,” said Santos attorney Joe Murray, reports the New York Daily News. “We are having productive communications. They could be fruitful if we could focus on that.”

Santos’ trial is set for next September. Prosecutors were pushing to bring that forward to April, but the judge in the case yesterday accepted an argument from Santos’ legal team to keep the September date. They pointed to the fact they had been presented with over a million pages of evidence to go through.

Presumably, to keep paying his legal fees, Santos will continue to look for ways to maximize his earnings. In the last couple of weeks, Santos says he has made 700 Cameo videos. He started by charging $75 but quickly raised it to $200 and then $500 as demand snowballed. He claimed to Kramer he’d now made more than his $174,000 Congressional salary in just a couple of weeks on the platform.

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