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The California Recall is Defeated, Bring On the French Laundry Memes

A few things happened yesterday. The first, and arguably most important, was that California Governor Gavin Newsom dodged a GOP attempt to oust him from his seat for…dining out during a pandemic? Yup. As New York Times food critic Tejal Rao explained yesterday morning, the whole recall pivoted on a seemingly absurd detail. “Mr. Newsom was seen at The French Laundry, attending the birthday dinner of Sacramento lobbyist Jason Kinney.” Rao wrote. “The images of him hobnobbing with guests, indoors, without a mask on, at one of the country’s most expensive restaurants, were immediately and powerfully symbolic.”

It’s just as wild and wacky as it sounds. But there’s an unexpected upside to this whole mess—apart from the relief of not having Larry Elder or John Cox in office, of course. That upside is the memes. Because of course it is.

No sooner did Newsom win in a landslide last night than Californians everywhere started mercilessly mocking the absurdity of the situation.

Politician dines out, GOP loses shit.

The parody website “The Babylon Bee” has already entered the chat:

Others simply wondered why they weren’t invited:


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Get in losers, we’re going fine dining.

Newsom really missed an epic chance to troll everyone:

The final word on the subject? Look no further:

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