Casey DeSantis’ latest claim about her husband brutally mocked online

One of the biggest supporters of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is his wife, Casey. Over the summer, she launched her own campaign group, “Mamas For DeSantis.” The group has done little besides producing controversial videos praising Ron’s efforts to destroy diversity and inclusion initiatives in the Sunshine State.

Then she has tirelessly hit the campaign trail with Ron, often with her kids in tow.

None of it appears to have helped shift DeSantis’ poll figures upward. He has consistently trailed Donald Trump by around 25-35 points. At the same time, he has had to watch Nikki Haley’s popularity shift slightly upward, as the likes of Mike Pence and Tom Scott dropped out of the race.

Now, a radio interview Casey DeSantis has given has raised eyebrows online. Talking on Iowa’s The Simon Conway Show, Casey said of her husband, “Ron DeSantis, how he fights, he is literally willing to put himself in front of a freight train to stand up for people of his state and this country.”

Yes, she said “literally.”

Unsurprisingly, the internet did a hard eye-roll and asked for proof.

Home state woes

Ron DeSantis has faced criticism from many in Florida for the amount of time he has spent away from the state campaigning to be President. Many people are also unhappy that he has failed to tackle the growing issue of property insurance in the state. In short, many insurers now refuse to provide cover due to the risk of hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters.

Then, of course, there’s DeSantis’ war upon LGBTQ+ rights. This includes signing the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, supporting book bans in school libraries of queer material, and pushing for a ban on drag queens performing anywhere that they may be seen by minors.

Some were quick to remind Mrs DeSantis about this.

Ron DeSantis is due to appear this evening in a Fox News “Red State vs. Blue State” debate against California Governor Gavin Newsom. It will be hosted by Sean Hannity and televised live from Alpharetta, Georgia.

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