Congratulations Lara Trump, you just said the dumbest thing imaginable

The Trump family isn’t known for its smarts…an understatement, I know. But sometimes, the things that come out of their mouths feel almost beyond belief.

Take, for example, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump. Most of the time, she stays behind the scenes, which is extremely lucky for everyone, because a lot of her opinions really don’t need to be publically broadcast. The former Fox News contributor recently headed to the hellmouth itself (Florida, USA) to celebrate Thanksgiving. And despite spending time in a state where 22.5% of the population—a whopping 4.8 million citizens—identify as Spanish speakers, she felt it was the right moment to put her racist ideas about language on blast.

Last night, on Newsmax’s The Balance, Lara Trump went on air to talk about things that are none of her business and to be racist. That’s literally it! Speaking to Eric Bolling, Trump emphasized what she sees as the “problem” of Hispanic immigrants to the United States bringing their culture and language here.

“Oeople are starting to see in a lot of even school systems right now where they’re teaching things in English,” Trump told Bolling, “and they’re teaching them in Spanish, because we have had so many people coming from South America, from Central America, from Mexico and just kind of flooding our education system that they have to have a way to teach these kids. I mean, this is the United States of America, we speak English here.”

The problem is that, while this may be the United States of America, we don’t all speak English here, nor should we. We are an immigrant nation! According to the US Census, the amount of folks living in the United States who are bilingual has nearly tripled since 1980. Since Hispanic people represent the largest minority group in the states, and as of a 2019 report, over 41 million residents of the states speak Spanish at home or at work.

Which is completely normal and fine. But as far as Lara Trump is concerned, it’s a problem. She also thinks we should be “vetting” immigrants who want to move to America, which sounds a lot like fascism, but hey, what do I know!

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