Diva Down

Gays rejoice as George Santos is ousted from the House

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: George Santos, the Botox-loving, Sephora Rouge VIB member who allegedly used campaign funds to pay for OnlyFans subscriptions and Hermes bags, has finally worn out his welcome in the House. And pretty much everyone except Matt Gaetz is thrilled about it. The mayor of divatown is signing off for good, and while we’ll miss the laughs, we won’t miss having to deal with his self-hating antics in Congress.

Let’s start celebrating by seeing what the LizaMinnelliOutlives account has to say.

He’s the 5th person in history to be expelled from Congress, and gays everywhere are rejoicing.

We’ll miss the silliness, and just about nothing else.

She came, she diva-ed, and she left.

We’ll see you on the flipside, Georgie.

Divatown is shy one diva tonight, RIP.

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