Liar Liar

George Santos just got his comeuppance in a big way and the gays are cackling

The long-awaited day is here at last: an indictment was just filed charging Congressman George Santos with multiple counts of wire fraud, making materially false statements to the Federal Election Commission, falsifying records, and aggravated identity theft. And that’s not even getting into Santos’s previous charges of money laundering, wire fraud, and theft of public funds.

Basically, the sh*t has finally hit the fan, and gays are raising their champagne flutes in celebration.

If Kitara thought she could get away with this, she had another thing coming.

Even funnier than the downfall of a hated gay Benedict Arnold is the fact that Pop Crave chose to announce the news with an aggressively FaceTuned photo of Santos.

I mean holy Tammy Faye, that’s either a lot of foundation or a TikTok retouch job.

The gay community, as always, is having a field day with this news.

This is what happens when you take the “be gay, do crimes” slogan a little too much to heart.

It’s a great day to hate George Santos.

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