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Hurricane Dumps Tree on Ron DeSantis’ Mansion and Many Folks Are Thinking the Same Thing

Hurricane Idalia touched ground in Florida yesterday. It has wreaked damage primarily along the state’s Big Bend region. Thankfully, there have been no reports of any deaths. However, over 200,000 people are thought to be without power.

Among the properties damaged is the Florida Governor’s mansion, currently occupied by Ron DeSantis and his family.

The Governor’s wife, Casey DeSantis, took to X (formerly Twitter), to announce a 100-year-old oak tree in the mansion’s grounds fell on the property.

“100 year old oak tree falls on the Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee — Mason, Madison, Mamie and I were home at the time, but thankfully no one was injured,” she said, referring to herself and her three young daughters.

“Our prayers are with everyone impacted by the storm.”

Mrs. DeSantis’s tweet elicited plenty of supportive messages, particularly from other Florida residents hit by the hurricane.

However, many others suggested that… well, perhaps it was a sign.


If bringing God into the discussion seems mean-spirited, let’s not forget DeSantis has made much of his faith during his time in office. Earlier this year, he suggested that Hurricane Dorian didn’t hit Florida hard because of prayers he said in Israel.

Anti-woke legislation

Ron DeSantis has drawn condemnation for championing anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, such as the notorious ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. He has also opposed certain Black history lessons. Organizations such as the queer-rights advocacy group the Human Rights Campaign and the civil rights group the NAACP have both issued travel advisories to the state in recent months.

However, although some of the ‘Biblical’ comments online about the mansion’s hurricane damage came from those on the left, plenty of others came from the far-right. Many Trumpers want DeSantis to drop out of the Presidential race.

Some others online weren’t concerned about divine intervention. They were more worried about insurance. In recent years, many insurers have declined to offer support to homes in hurricane-hit Florida. Governor DeSantis has been criticized for not doing more to stop insurers fleeing the state.

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