Lauren Boebert roasted by GOP colleague with “date night” jibe

Even fellow GOP lawmakers are now cracking jokes about Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert.

On Wednesday evening, Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) introduced guests to the Washington Press Club Foundation’s annual Congressional Dinner in DC. From the stage, she first jokingly laid down some ground rules for the event.

“If you could, for the speech tonight, if everyone could, please keep their hands above the table,” she said. “And I know it’s date night for some of you, but no inappropriate touching. That includes you, Lauren Boebert. No vaping either.”

Watch below.

Boebert won election to Congress in 2022 on a far-right political platform. She quickly made a name for herself for her MAGA politics, unwavering praise for Donald Trump, and anti-woke/anti-trans rhetoric.

However, her personal life has also made headlines. This has included run-ins with law authorities, her divorce, and her teenage son making her a grandmother at the age of 36.

Then, last September, a Denver theater kicked Boebert out of a for vaping and making a nuisance of herself while everyone else was trying to enjoy a performance of Beetlejuice. Theater cameras also caught her fondling and canoodling with her male companion. The pair were on a date.

Re-election challenge

Boebert only narrowly won re-election to Colorado’s District 3 in 2022. Political commentators believe she would likely lose re-election in 2024, given the rising popularity and fundraising of her Democratic rival. Then, over the holidays, she announced she was switching to District 4, which is considered a far safer seat. She immediately faced accusations of carpetbagging.

Boebert is not the only candidate in a crowded Republican primary for this particular seat. Last week, she took part in her first debate alongside some of the other candidates.

Humiliatingly, a straw poll conducted after the debate placed Boebert in fifth place. The poll was only of around 100 people and some were friends and family of the other candidates, but still, if Boebert thought clinching the nomination was assured, she may want to think again.

This week, even that other MAGA firebrand, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, suggested Boebert must do better if she hopes to stay in Congress.

Talking to The Hill, Greene said, ““I think she’s got to earn those people’s support. I saw that she came in fifth place in the straw poll over the weekend, which she should be very concerned about.

“I think that’s a serious primary, and it seems like there’s some good candidates in there,” Greene said. “We’ll see what’s happening with the polling and the direction it’s going in.”

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