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Marjorie Taylor Greene reacts to drag queens visiting US Congress

Rep. Marjorie Greene (R-GA) reacted with predictable disgust to drag queens walking around the corridors of Congress yesterday.

Jiggly Caliente, Brigitte Bandit and Joey Jay visited DC with the assistance of the progressive advocacy group, MoveOn Political Action. It was part of a part of a “Drag Lobby Day” initiative.

The group was there to meet with Democratic and Republican lawmakers. Among other things, they primarily wanted to talk about passing the Equality Act. This will enshrine LGBTQ+ protections at the federal level. They also wanted to speak out against attempts to ban drag performances. A GOP lawmaker recently introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to prohibit funding of drag entertainment at military bases.


One of the performers to hit DC, Brigitte Bandit, took part in an interview with CNN. Bandit talked of the attacks queer people face in the current political climate. She said she was scared to go out in drag in her hometown, adding, “It’s very scary for queer people to exist in a time when we’re seeing this kind of rhetoric pushed by our lawmakers and the people who should care about other issues that affect the American people.”

Greene re-shared the clip, saying, “No, what’s scary is men pretending to be women reading gender cult lying books to our children, provocatively dancing nearly nude in public spaces, and taking over our bathrooms, sports, and private spaces.

“Women and children need protection from them.”

Since joining Congress, Greene has repeatedly voted against LGBTQ+ rights issues. She has also attempted to pass legislation that limits the ability of trans people to seek gender-affirming care. She proudly displays an anti-trans sign outside her office proclaiming “There are only two genders.”

Online, many clapped back at Greene’s comments. Some posted photos of her boyfriend, a TV producer, who previously dressed in women’s clothes for a lighthearted news segment.

Jasmine Crockett

Fortunately, the three drag queens received a warmer welcome from other lawmakers. Among them was Texas Democrat, Rep. Jasmine Crockett (the woman who threw “bleach blonde bad built butch body” shade at Greene during a congressional hearing last month).

Crockett shared a photo of the three drag artists in Congress and said, “You’re ALWAYS welcome, queens!”

In a statement to INTO, MoveOn Political Action said the three drag queens had meetings with the offices of Republicans Rep. Juan Ciscomani and Rep. Jen Kiggans, and Democrats Rep. Mark Pocan, Rep. Jasmine Crockett, Rep. Delia Catalina Ramirez, and Rep. Greg Casar (although not necessarily all the lawmakers concerned).

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