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Mary Trump goes viral with her reaction to Trump being kicked off ballot in Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court yesterday made a historic decision to boot former President Donald Trump from the 2024 Republican primary ballot in the state.

The 4-3 ruling drew upon the 14th amendment “insurrection clause” and pointed at Trump’s role in the January 6th storming of the capitol.

The court put its ruling on hold until January 4th, pending an appeal. According to his legal team, Trump will ask the US Supreme Court to review the decision.

As it stands, the Colorado ruling would prevent Trump from a second White House term.

Among the first to react was Trump’s niece, Mary Trump. The queer psychotherapist has long been a vocal critic of her uncle. She posted a tweet with a row of mini Ketchup bottles, with a caption saying, “In loving memory.”


The ketchup bottles are a reference to a comment former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson made at her January 6 committee hearing last year. Hutchinson said that in December 2020, when William Barr said in an interview there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Trump became enraged. He threw a plate of dinner at the wall, smearing it with ketchup.

“There was ketchup dripping down the wall and a shattered porcelain plate on the floor,” Hutchinson testified.

Since then, many have commented about the fate of ketchup bottles at Mar-a-Lago whenever Trump gets upset.

Mary Trump’s tweet has had over 21,000 likes and hundreds of replies.

Online, many others saluted the Colorado court’s decision.

Others have warned that the US Supreme Court will likely overturn the decision. It may even bolster support among Trump supporters.

Predictably, many on the far right of the Republican Party expressed outrage.

House Speaker Mike Johnson issued a statement calling it “nothing but a thinly veiled partisan attack.”

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert called the decision “extreme judicial activism.” On X, she said, “I am confident the U.S. Supreme Court will remedy this horrible decision so Coloradans will have the right to cast their ballot for our 45th and 47th President, Donald J. Trump. We will fight this every step of the way!”

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted, “The Democrats and 4 Colorado judges just stole the election away from the people of Colorado and robbed them of their right to vote for President Trump.

“This is an unprecedented First Amendment violation that must be struck down by the SCOTUS.

“This can not be allowed to stand.”

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