Bozo Battle

DeSantis and Trump’s celebrity death match just heated up in a big way

Another day, another Republican party implosion. Last night at a Town Hall event recorded by CNN, Presidential hopeful and transphobe extraordinaire Ron DeSantis took to the podium to denounce his chief rival Donald Trump. And let’s just say nobody came out of it looking particularly good.

In addition to claiming that Joe Biden simply “poured gas” on the fire that was the COVID recession, DeSantis went on to claim that he and the Republicans “beat Fauci on COVID.” But when it came to stripping down Donald Trump, DeSantis had something even more incendiary to say.

Somehow, the conversation landed on the subject of the Satanic display in the Iowa State Capitol building, which DeSantis claimed garnered its tax-exempt status through Trump somehow.

“So it’s interesting,” DeSantis told Jake Tapper at the Town Hall event. “I heard this and then I was like, well, how did it get there? Is that even a religion? And lo and behold, the Trump administration gave them approval to be under the IRS as a religion. So that gave them the legal ability to potentially do it.”

DeSantis went on to state that it “…very well may be because of that ruling under Donald Trump that they may have had a legal leg to stand on. My view would be that that’s not a religion that the founding fathers were trying to create.”

Hm, sounds like DeSantis is trying to accuse Trump of using religion as a loophole to do really heinous things, kind of like how religion is often used as a way to allow state-sanctioned homophobia to continue without challenge, or use religious ideas about conception to further anti-abortion mandates.

Thankfully, everyone involved in this story is a jerk, so it’s the Republican party’s mess to clean up. And boy will they need a big shovel to do it!

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