Mary Trump has a message for Steve Bannon as he’s driven to prison

Mary Trump, the respected psychologist and queer niece of Donald Trump, had a short and simple message for Steve Bannon as he turned himself into prison in Connecticut yesterday. 

“Have a good stay, Steve.”

Despite the apparent well wishes, Mary likely has zero sympathy for Bannon. A vocal critic of her uncle, Mary Trump has been equally scathing of those close to the former President who helped or enabled his time in power. 

This includes Bannon, a confidant of Trump’s who has advised him on his quest for the Presidency. 

Contempt of Congress

Bannon, 70, began a four-month jail sentence at FCI Danbury yesterday. He was found guilty two years ago on contempt of Congress charges after failing to appear at a January 6 hearing following a subpoena. He has spent the time since appealing against the sentence. 

However, his last bid to appeal failed last week and he was ordered to report to prison. 

Before doing so, he held a small rally outside the jail. He told reporters, “I’m proud of going to prison today. I have not only no regrets, I’m proud of what I did.”

Bannon was joined at the press event by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. As they tried to speak, a small group of counter-protestors chanted “Lock him up”. When Greene spoke on camera to Real America’s Voice, someone held up a sign saying, “Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body”. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene defends Steve Bannon
(Real America’s Voice)

Greene, who has long defended January 6 insurrectionists, defended Bannon and others. 

“There are thousands of people going into jail, they’re in prison, they are spending years in prison. Some of them did nothing wrong, they just walked in the Capitol and walked out,” Greene said.

Like Mary Trump, many online appeared to have little sympathy for Bannon.

Bannon reporting to jail came on the same day that the Supreme Court ruled that Presidents have partial immunity from criminal prosecution for official actions they take whilst in office. How this impacts Donald Trump’s ongoing legal woes and potential future prosecutions, remains to be seen. 

Steve Bannon is due to be released just ahead of the November 2024 general election. 

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